It’s Windy in the O.C.

Yes, the northeast winds have really been kicking up yesterday and today. It’s calming down now, but Saturday through Sunday morning we had a high wind warning. I’m listening to Hard Time on the Nat Geo Channel as I write this. There is not much happening today. About an hour ago I took a picture of the three kittens (my three little Beanie Baby Snips) and sent the picture to my parents. I haven’t been doing too much ED stuff the last few days – I’m kind of burned out on that right now. I did read a lot of new things on the Medusa site a few days ago, so that has kept me busy.

It’s later in the day now and I am listening to “The Best Little Girl in the World” with Jennifer Jason-Leigh on YouTube. I watched part of “For the Love of Nancy” (also on YouTube) while I was knitting earlier.

I’ve decided I want to use this site to do ED book reviews and to give the latest news on anorexia and bulimia. I’ve still got to rearrange my theme and stuff as I am brand-new here, but things will come together shortly.

In my next post I will review “Unwell” by Leslie Lipton. I look forward to sharing my thoughts about it with you.

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